Guaranteed teeth whitening offer
Cosmetic dental work

Cosmetic dentistry

Enhance Dental Care have a special interest in cosmetic dental procedures from restorative dentistry and dental implants to dental cosmetics and aesthetics. Pete Farrage our lead dentist was the first dentist in out region to achieve full membership of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Family Dentist

Family & general dentist

Dental Membership Plans will cover you and your family for routine dental care, delivered to an extraordinarily high standard.

We do not use mercury-containing amalgam filling materials. We are proud to be mercury-free.


Dental hygienist

Seeing a hygienist is essential to maintain a healthy mouth free of gum disease and ensure that any dental work carried out is kept in the best possible condition.

At Enhance Dental Care, we are proud of the great service provided by our team of hygienists.

Find out more about any of our dental services by calling 01642 782434 and arranging a free consultation.

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